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White-oak-or-red-oak-flooring, on the janka hardness scale, white oak flooring scores a 1360 and red oak flooring a 1290. white oak is also very dense, which makes it more suitable for outdoor furniture and boat building. some claim that the density of white oak makes it a more stable species (less seasonal movement) than red oak, but both types of hardwood flooring will have some seasonal movement. both red and white oak flooring are excellent choices for long-term durability for most homes.. Choosing the flooring for your future home may seem like an easy and possibly not very important task, but there’s more to it than simply picking a color you like. different woods and even different varieties of the same type of wood can have a huge impact on how durable, customizable, and visually pleasing your flooring is going to be. in this article, we are going to explain why you may ..., hardness – white oak flooring is a bit harder than red oak. on the janka hardness scale, white oak is 1360 and red oak is 1290. but, as i mentioned above, even though red oak is a bit less hard, it tends to show the dents a bit less. 4..

Red and white oak also have different wood grain patterns. the grain is more distinct on red oak, while white oak has less noticeable grain and a smoother overall appearance. the deeper grain of red oak makes it possible to hide minor scratches and dents that might be more noticeable on white oak flooring. on the other hand, the smoother finish of white oak makes it easier to polish to a brilliant sheen., for example, you can find both solid red oak and white oak flooring ranging from $3 to $5 per square foot. both red oak and white oak are also available in engineered hardwood planks, which are often cheaper than solid; and, of course, budget-friendly laminate oak flooring is also an option..

What is the difference between red oak and white oak hardwood? oak flooring is the most popular species of hardwood here in westchester county ny and the northeast in general. oak is a very practical wood, is readily available (grown and made in the us), very affordable and very easy to stain so you can […], red oak tends to have a more distinctive grain than white oak, which is smoother. as a result red oak can be seen as having more character and is perceived as more traditional, while white oak has a more modern and contemporary look. white oak flooring is harder than red oak, rating 1360 on the janka hardness scale while red oak is just 1290. white oak has been used for centuries in the building of boats, wagon wheels, and wine barrels because of its structural integrity and imperviousness ....

Many are looking to go darker and darker as it’s more stylish and modern and, with white oak flooring, the wood starts out a bit darker than red oak and hence you can also get an even darker look on white oak than you can on red oak. please note that you can easily go lighter on white oak, if that’s what you prefer. but white oak gives you a wider range of shade possibilities., the two that consumers are most familiar with are red oak and white oak. red oak flooring is the more traditional choice of the two oaks. red oak is popular for its light golden to reddish pink tones and its more unique and "wilder" grain patterns. red oak has a janka hardness rating of approximately 1290.