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Roman-blind-problems, troubleshooting: how to fix roman blinds. frequently used home furnishings, such as roman blinds, are bound to encounter a bit of trouble eventually, no matter how careful you are with them. the operating cord is probably used at least twice a day, every day, which can cause strain on certain mechanisms within the blind itself.. / how to fix roman blinds. terry baskeyfield | posted september 18, 2016. fixing roman blinds. roman blinds are probably the least complicated styles of blinds and when it comes to fixing them it's usually due to the operating cords becoming tangled or because one or more of the eyelet loops (guides) has broken allowing the cord to escape from ..., problem with made to measure roman blinds (6 posts) add message | report. mandy21 wed 18-may-11 15:04:02. i've just had my roman blinds delivered that i'd ordered from a local curtain making business. they're for the kitchen windows and although there are 2 big windows, the room is now huge so i wanted to maximise the light. the windows are ....

Roman shades, pleated blinds are nice although after some use they can wear out, become crooked and uneven, the fix is simple involving simple some need re t..., roman blinds are made with one continuous piece of material or fabric. using a pull cord attached to rings made of plastic, the blinds are lifted up and let down. with enough wear and tear or continuous usages, pull cords and plastic rings will wear out and break..

Roman blind problems (3 posts) add message | report. g4bby sun 14-nov-10 18:14:03. please help! my roman blind doesn't fold in the right places when i lift it. it kind of puckers up and i have to spend time coaxing it out to fold correctly. does anybody know what i need to do to make it fold, is it likely to be a problem with how it's been made?, how to cord the merrick & day toman blind top fix cord lock..

Posted 12/19/09 11:19 am, 19 messages, because roman shades operate by pulling action on strings through small loops, many problems can arise with the strings in their daily operations. the loops can pop off the back, or the string mechanism at the top of the roman shade can wear out. here are tips on how to identify, fix, and prevent common string problems and other situations that can occur with your roman shades.