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Will-borax-kill-carpet-beetles, these little pests are destructive and annoying, but they are relatively easy to get rid of. if you take the advice on this page and follow all of the steps, you will soon be on your way to answering that all important question: how to get rid of carpet beetles permanently?. The cleaning agent borax will get rid of carpet beetles. sprinkle very borax on the source of the carpet beetles. the beatles will die in can be vacuumed up., we need you to answer this question! if you know the answer to this question, please register to join our limited beta program and start the conversation right now!.

Susey, i know nothing about carpet beetles, but on the box of borax i have it says it will not harm anything that is not damaged by water. i use it once a week on my hair (mixed with shampoo it removes build up of hair products) and have used it on delicate clothing (to remove persistant stains), so it shouldn't do any harm to you, your mattress, or your cats., clarification of answer by emjay-ga on 10 aug 2003 12:06 pdt hi elaine, keeping the synthetic rug free of hair and lint would certainly help to starve any remaining insects, but keep in mind that carpet beetles could be nesting and feeding in other areas (corners, baseboards, food products, etc.).

I hoovered under my blanket chest today ( first time in a while:o ) and there's lots of little white oval case type things (empty, about 1-2mm wide, 6-7mm long), along with a lovely hole in my carpet.